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Amazing Luxury Yacht

With our charter yacht we offer you a trip to the calm Greek waters, with the ability to sail among beautiful islands, to moor in natural protected bays of rare beauty, as well as to visit inaccessible beaches and swim in waters of unique clarity and colour.

Discover Greece.!!

The Yacht has all the comforts you need for a carefree, comfortable trip that will enable you to relax, enjoy immediacy with nature.


Your Dream.!!

A boutique cruise is a unique sailing experience that will take you to places you never imagine on a comfortable home-like ship.

Don't be just
another in the crowd

An amazing adventure in the picture-perfect Sporades Islands awaits you, so come set sail with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Cockpit Themis iv.

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Are you looking for a romantic getawayor a day at sea with your friends or family? Want to schedule a special event, birthday party, honeymoon cruise or marriage proposal? We can do everything right..


Have we always named our dream?
The yacht is a pleasant dreamlike symbol of your family life.
If in your dream the yacht travels in serene waters to wait for all happiness and joy.
If in your dream you see that you are on the deck of a ship your future is brilliant.
The Seagull! It is always an interpretive symbol, freedom and travel, according to the dreamer.
You are worth of what you dream of. !!!
And from his appearance in the dream do not expect less.
With the wish to find everyone in Ithaca !!!

Discover the Northern Sporades, with a -35% discount!
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New Day Trip : Skiathos - Skyros - Skiathos

New Trip Skiathos - Skyros - Skiathos on “Click”

The climate is Mediterranean Skyros, as in most of the Aegean islands, and is characterized by cool summers and mild winters. The predominance of northern winds to the island in summer tempers maximum temperatures compared with inland areas, significantly reducing the discomfort index. The average annual temperature is 17C. Rainfalls occurring mainly during the winter and in summer are rare and occur mainly as brief thunderstorms. The total annual rainfall reaches 500 mm. Snowfalls occur sporadically in the winter but snow accumulation in the coastal parts of the island are rare.

History Of Skyros

Village or Skyros

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Skyros, famous for its famous ponies, rich pine forests, magnificent picturesque hamlets, lacy coasts and famous for its carnival events (with special roots in Dionysus worship) invites you to discover it! Do not forget that in Atsitsa, Skyros, one can combine (by the standards of foreign tourists who particularly prefer them) vacations with meditation and yoga classes!

Daily Trips at Northern Sporades

Daily Trip South Skiathos and South Skopelos

Daily Trip Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, National Park

Daily Trip Mount Pelion East and North Evoia

Daily Trip Circumnavigation of Skiathos

Multi Day Tours at Northern Aegean Sea

Multi Day Trip From Skiathos 5 days in the beautiful Northern Sporades

Multi Day Trip From Skiathos 7 days in the beautiful Northern Sporades

Multi Day Trip From Volos 7 days in the beautiful Northern Sporades

Multi Day Trip From Skiathos 9 days beautiful Northern Sporades, Evoia and Ai Strati


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